HP Rewards Program

Be Rewarded with Original HP cartridges

HP Rewards Program is an exciting new programme that offers great rewards and benefits to customers who purchase Original HP Ink Cartridges. New HP Inkjet printers now come with HP Rewards Program which gets activated, every time an Original HP Ink Cartridges is installed.

Using sophisticated technology, new HP inkjet printers can verify if the installed cartridge is genuine and automatically activate HP Rewards Program. There are no stickers to peel off, no passwords to remember. Just install your original HP Ink cartridge and be on your way to redeem your reward. It’s that easy!

You get to choose from a wide array of rewards and benefits with every purchase of an Original HP Ink cartridge. What's more, you get to take part in the lucky draw right away when you install your new printer.

HP Rewards Program is currently available on selected HP inkjet printers only. To find out if your printer is eligible for HP Rewards Program, go to the Eligible Printers page on this site. Please note that cartridge authentication is not available for Mac OS X.

How does HP Rewards Program work?

Your reward experience starts when you purchase an Original HP ink cartridge.

  • Install the ink cartridge in your printer.
  • Start a print job to trigger the cartridge Authentication Technology*.
  • Upon successful authentication, you will be entitled to a reward and will be transferred to the HP Rewards Program online portal.
  • Start browsing and choose delightful rewards from HP!

How does HP Rewards Program work

Be rewarded with Original HP cartridges

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* Important Note:
Click here to find out the requirements to get your rewards.

Help HP identify counterfeits

The authentication process in the HP Rewards Program will identify if you have purchased a genuine HP cartridge. If the system recognises otherwise, you may have bought a counterfeit and will be prompted to take further steps. You can help by reporting this so that HP can take appropriate action.