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Depend on Original HP Inks for the Best Overall Value

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GET TWICE AS MANY PRINTS with ORIGINAL HP INKS than refilled cartridges

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Outstanding value with proven HP reliability

According to recent testing by TÜV SÜD PSB, an independent quality assurance testing service:

 •  Original HP Inks deliver twice as many prints than refilled inks.1
 •  42% of tested refilled ink cartridges were found dead on arrival or failed prematurely.1

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2x more prints

Hit print with confidence

Why risk the uncertain performance of refilled inks? Reliability is never in question with Original HP supplies.

When you trust Original HP print cartridges, all you have to do is 'hit print' and enjoy exceptional output page after page. With Original HP Inks, you get an unused, brand new cartridge every time. With refilled ink cartridges, you never know how many times they have been used, or the quality of ink that was used to refill them.

HP cartridges provide more pages per cartridge than the tested refilled cartridges, combining unmatched value with reliability.1

Save time and money

Original HP ink is designed to work with your printer for optimal results.

 • Messy leaks
 • Early cartridge failure
 • Unexpected cartridge replacements
 • Uneven, faulty prints
 • Clogged printheads due to extended usage
Refilled inks can mean wasted money

All of which can drive up your cost of printing. When you factor in the hidden costs of reprinting, poor reliability and quality, you may find that refilled ink cartridges actually cost you more.

Insist on Original HP Inks for exceptional prints, outstanding value and reliable performance – print after print, cartridge after cartridge.

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