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How to identify a genuine HP cartridge

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Stop Counterfeits

Counterfeiting is a form of fraud that deceives you into buying poor quality and unreliable products by stating otherwise, and offers none of the quality and reliability that comes with an Original HP Cartridge.

To protect you against such fraudulent practices, HP has introduce new security labels to ensure that the products you have purchased are adequately protected with security seals to prevent counterfeiting.

There are now three ways you can validate Original HP Ink and Toner:
» 1. Examine the label.
» 2. HP Mobile Authentication via QR code.
» 3. Validate New Security Label online.

HP Latest Security Label

Over the years, HP security labels have become increasingly sophisticated, featuring holographic properties that make it easy to differentiate an Original HP from a counterfeit. Along with making sure that packaging looks new and undamaged and purchasing from only reputable retailers and resellers, customers who carefully inspect these labels are much less likely to be tricked by counterfeiters.

These new labels will begin to appear on HP ink cartridge packaging as early as 1 August 2011 and HP toner cartridge packaging as early as 1 November 2011.1

Examine the label
  Visually check the label. The new HP Mobile Authentication label features holographic image-shifting properties in addition to the QR code. Customers should perform the following steps to visually verify that the label is valid: HP Mobile Authentication label
  a. Tilt box front to back to see "OK" and "tick-white" move in opposite directions.
  b. Tilt box right to left to see "OK" and "tick-white" move in the same direction.
HP Mobile Authentication via QR code
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1. If the package includes a new Mobile Authentication label, a smartphone2 QR code reader can capture the security code.
2. View the response from HP.
valid response invalid response
A valid response indicates that the cartridge is safe for purchase. An invalid response indicates that the cartridge may not be genuine.

Validate new security label online

You can validate the new security label online. Visit www.hp.com/go/ok and enter the label’s serial number.1
Validating new security label online

Tamper Evident Label

HP has also introduced a new security label to ensure you get only Original HP toner cartridges: the Tamper Evident Label. This Tamper Evident Label will be on shelf from 1 May 2012* onwards.

The Tamper Evident Label is a new security feature that has been added on top of the latest Mobile Authentication (MA) label on the HP cartridge packaging.

HP has already rolled out the new Tamper Evident Label on Original HP toner cartridge packaging in Asia Pacific (APJ) countries.

It is now available in the following SKUs:

  • HP 12A (Q2612A)
  • HP 88A (CC388A)
  • HP 16A (Q7516A)

To ensure that your HP toner cartridge product is original, the Tamper Evident Labels are specifically located on all packaging in the following products:

  • Three (3) Tamper Evident Label seals for HP 88A, which is located on the top-right, back-left, and rear-bottom areas of the packaging
    HP 88A: Top-right HP 88A Top Right
    HP 88A: Back-left HP 88A Back Left
    HP 88A: Rear-bottom
    HP 88A: Rear Bottom

  • Two(2) Tamper Evident Label seals for HP 16A, located on top-rear and bottom flip areas of the packaging
    HP 16A: Top-rear HP 16A: Top Rear
    HP 16A: Bottom-flip HP 16A Bottom Flip
  • Two (2) for HP 12A, placed at the bottom-left and bottom-right areas of the packaging

    HP 12A: Bottom-left and Bottom-right
    HP 12A: Bottom-left and Bottom-right

Apart from checking the specific locations of the Tamper Evident Label, you should also ensure that the seals are not cut off or tampered with in any way. To check for tampered seals, note that the lines of the seal's pattern/graphics are connected properly. Packaging has been tampered with if lines in the pattern/graphics do not match.

  • Tampered label with fibre tear
    Tempered warning label

Existing Seal Still In Use

Some Original HP Ink/ Toner cartridge packaging still carry the previous security seal. These are genuine HP products and should not be mistaken as counterfeits.

Moving image label
New Ink Seal New Toner Seal
To identify a genuine seal:
1.  Tilt box front to back to see "OK" and "tick-white" move in opposite directions.
2.  Tilt box right to left to see "OK" and "tick-white" move in same direction.
Colour-switching label
Old Ink Seal Old Toner Seal
To identify a genuine seal:
1.  Look for the colour switching security seal.
2.  Turn the box from side to side and see the colour switch.
3.  When the background is dark, half of the lettering "ORIGINAL INK / TONER" will be light and vice versa.

How to Spot a Counterfeit?

  • Missing HP logo on product or packaging
  • Missing security seal on packaging
  • Missing colour switch feature on security seal
  • Signs of repackaging
  • Questionable price
  • Better prices than those offered by recognised HP distributors
  • Product has no usual outer wrappings, subpacks or pallets
  • Frequent cartridge failure and poor print quality

Why You Should Care

Consistent quality and reliable performance – Original HP cartridges are engineered to give only the highest print quality, saving you time, money and hassles, while helping to minimise your environmental footprint.

HP gives you more – Third party testing agency, TÜV SÜD PSB, found that Original HP Ink cartridges produce twice as many prints than the refill brands tested3.

HP’s environmental commitment – HP’s strong commitment to recycling and environment protection continues to create a sustainable printing solution with limited impact on the environment.

1 The HP Mobile Authentication program is available only with security labels that feature the QR code.

2 The HP Mobile Authentication QR code may be read with any standard QR code reader or with the reader included with the HP eSupplies app for iPhone® available at the iTunes App Store. HP eSupplies app is currently available in selected Asia Pacific countries only.

3 Results of 3rd party testing, commissioned by HP done by TÜV SÜD PSB Ltd – 2010 Reliability Comparison Study Asia. Ink cartridges tested 45, 78, 56, 57, 60 Black & 60 Tri-colour. Full report available at www.tuv-sud-psb.sg/reportdisclaimer.aspx. Applicable for selected Original HP Ink Cartridges only.

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